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Herbie Adams

Herbie is a British comedian, musician and character actor.

Since beginning his professional career, Herbie has written and performed a number of unique and highly original shows around the world.

A regular on the international comedy club scene, his surreal and off-the-wall style appeals to a wide-ranging audience. 

Herbie is frequently seen performing his family-friendly show in a mixture of venues ranging from The Comedy Cellars in the TUI SENSATORI Resorts, as well as onboard Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Marella Cruises ships.

He incorporates a number of his unique skills into the live show, including playing various musical instruments, performing parody songs and a host of fresh comedy material.

Over the past 20 years, Herbie has performed thousands of stand-up gigs at venues as diverse as Jongleurs to Butlins, as well as a host of corporate shows and presenting appearances for well-known brands such as NEC, O2, and Nickelodeon.

An accomplished character actor, he has performed a number of roles in pantomime and theatre over the years, too!