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Here at Represented Talent my job as Talent Director is the most rewarding and exciting experience of my career both as a performer and agent.

Represented Talent’s foundations our built solely on talent with great reputations on and off stage.

We as a company reflect each others great strengths when dealing with clients and of course our audience.

It’s my mission to help maintain a high standard of work in all venues for you the performer and hopefully along the way we can build a career be really proud of that has longevity and success.

I believe we can offer performers 

that excitement of doing that “one-off special gig” or longer contracts that will require professionalism to deliver knockout shows.

If you're an artiste your career in show business needs guidance, knowledge  and support with my business partner Robin Breeze Davis and our team we can make great things happen.

Together we are Represented Talent the Performers Company